Monday, January 23, 2012

Lesson Twelve: The language of Sasquatch

Actual conversation
I have read the reports and listened to audio files of the Wood Ape supposedly speaking in a Samurai-like chatter.  This is not only incorrect, but undoubtedly insulting to the Samurai.

In my experience with the creature it speaks perfect Punjab but only understands phrases delivered in Haiku format, regardless of the language. 



  1. I always knew that BF was a spiritual dude.

  2. The use of punctuation in haiku is controversial and theories regarding its use have evolved over the years. The major translators of Japanese haiku into English, Harold G. Henderson and R.H. Blyth, used punctuation in their translations. A survey of early 20th century American writers who dabbled in haiku also used punctuation. But if one looks today at haiku, one finds the vast majority of the verse contains minimal to no punctuation.

    Well, when I write haiku I use punctuation, so as grandpa von Beringe used to say: "Eff the rules!"

    A big blurry ape?
    A gigantopithecus?
    Gadzooks it's bigfoot!

  3. I love me some good haiku.