Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lesson Three: the Mummy's Ghost

Kharis and Dr. Zak Bagans

Spirits or "ghosts", as some of you mistakenly call them, have been a mystery to mankind for a millennium.

The first recorded instance of mankind's curiosity with ghosts dates back to the time of King Kharis II of Egypt. On a tomb built on the banks of Africa's Turhan Bay archaeologists found a series of weather beaten hieroglyphs. On these markings, mixed in with carvings of tana leaves and ritual sacrifice were three unique images: a human skeleton, whispering lips and a widened eye. I'm sure none of you are surprised to learn that the message translates into, "Did you hear that?", which is, some 2000 years after its inscription, the most commonly used phrase by TV ghost hunters to this day.

You might say that this is ironic, but please don't because it would be a gross misuse of the word.

I teach you. You learn. 



AKA "The Naturalist"


  1. You know, when I was growing up in an active haunted home, I used to walk down the hallway and think, what if when I passed by a spirit, it passed by me and the two of us turned and thought, "what was that?" So, I'm as much of a ghost to them as they are to me. After a lifetime of contemplating ghostly phenomena, I have come to the next dimension conclusion. We draw a machine in 2 dimensions, build it in 3 dimensions and then destroy the paper it was drawn on, but keep the machine. The third dimension we are prototypes to what we are in the 4th dimension and at the end of this purposefulness here in this dimension we become "real" in the 4th. Many people who experienced NDEs describe the other side as the real world and this world as the false one. My own father had such an experience and he described colors and flowers and places that don't exist in this world.

  2. I subscribe to your elegantly stated theory, my dear, as I prefer to think of spirits as something other than the ghostly remains of the deceased!

  3. What memories! In my student days I sailed along Turhan Bay in the company of my ancient history professor, Dr. Dick Foran, then visiting curator of antiquities at the Scripps Museum of Archaeology, Mapleton, Massachusetts.

  4. Ah, I remember him well. I went on an expedition into the deepest, darkest Amazon with Dick and Dr. Richard Carlson. We were searching for the legendary Gill-man and, unfortunately for many of our crew, we found him.

  5. Nasty sorts of things, these water monsters.

  6. I like the english mummy movies.