Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lesson Eight: The mighty Bearcat

Binturontis inverticus

I am not a man who categorizes his interests into favorites but, if pressed, I consider my favorite animal to be the Binturong. My loyal basenjis, Angie-Bambi & Hoss von Beringe are excluded from this exercise because I consider them family.

The Binturong, also known as the "Bearcat", is neither bear nor cat.  Rather, they are a member of the same family as other small carnivores including Civets, Fossas, and Mongooses. They are excellent climbers and are well-aided by their agile bodies, (semi) retractable claws and prehensile tail. These features are truly amazing, but my fondness for these creatures is due to their most remarkable adaptation: they smell exactly like freshly buttered popcorn.

Who could resist cuddling up on a chofa with Finding Bigfoot and a Binturong? Certainly not me. This is why I have smuggled a Binturong into the Country and onto my estate in Champion, NY.  Please welcome the newest member of my family: Orville von Beringe (pictured.)

Angie-Bambi and Hoss are not pleased about this.


AKA "The Naturalist"


  1. Find your way to Champion, NY posthaste!

  2. Easy, old fellow! I once brought a kinkajou into my home, which then proceeded to make mincemeat out of my Shih Tzu's.

  3. After living with an incontinent Binturong for six weeks I have lost my taste for popcorn.

  4. Looks like a possum to me.