Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lesson twenty-five: Assault of the Crystal Fiend

Last night our camp was raided by the Crystal Fiend. It is indeed a type of cave-dwelling Sasqutach.
"El Demonio Vitreo"

The creature upturned our tents, tore through the camp and made off with some of our most valauble supplies.

My right hand man, Renny managed to get a photograph of the beast just before it put him in a mighty sleeper hold. Renny survived the assault, and the rest of the crew is shaken but unharmed. 

I, however, am furious: the Crystal Fiend absconded back into its cave with our last batch of Otter Pops. 

I'm going in after it, in the name of science... and frozen snack treats.



  1. Be careful, Mr. natural you never know what a cave creature will do.

  2. Nat, dear, I'm sorry to have absconded with your Otter Pops, but I do so love the blue ones.

  3. That picture of the feind is actually pretty scarey.

  4. I've got gear just give the word and I'm there to help, professor!

    1. Consider the word given, fellow spelunker.

  5. Looks like a yeti